Why Choose CALM CLASSROOM for ESSA Grant Spending?

92% of surveyed teachers say students are calmer and more peaceful after practicing Calm Classroom .

ESSA Grant Spending

How Calm Classroom Mindfulness Techniques Help Students

Fall 2020 results from 3283 teachers who implemented Calm Classroom in Chicago and Jacksonville public schools.

What Mindfulness Program Is Best Suited For Your Classroom Needs?

Calm Classroom provides 3 types of training with practical mindfulness-based tools to help educators and students manage stress and achieve emotional well-being. When we’re feeling focused, relaxed and energized, we are empowered. Talk to us today about how our program can be integrated into your district, school, or classroom.

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Discuss a mindfulness program that fits your classroom, school, or district needs with our team. 

Mindfulness Research & Studies

Results* from our 2020 teacher survey found that 84% of K-8th grade teachers who taught Calm Classroom one or more times per day experienced a reduction in stress and anxiety and were able to maintain greater focus.

Similar studies** have shown students who were exposed to two or more mindfulness techniques each day experienced significant increases in self-esteem, greater improvements in levels of perceived stress and anxiety, as well as had higher grade point averages, better work habits, and higher cooperation scores than students who had less exposure.

*Fall 2020 results from 3283 teachers who implemented Calm Classroom in Chicago and Jacksonville public schools.

*Chiesa, A., & Serretti, A. (2009); Jha, A. P., Krompinger, J., & Baime, M. J. (2007); Hoge, E. A., Bui, E., Marques, L., Metcalf, C. A., Morris, L. K., Robinaugh, D. J., … Simon, N. M. (2013).

How Mindfulness Helps Students and Teachers

Calm Classroom Testimonials

Chicago, IL

I have seen many programs come and go in the Chicago Public Schools and Calm Classroom is one of the few that I embrace with my whole heart. It is intentional, well researched, and consistent. The message is simple and elegant. It works.

Waukegan, IL

The few, but powerful, minutes of Calm Classroom every morning and afternoon are some of the most meaningful, stress-free moments in each of our school days.

Chicago, IL

I believe Clam Classroom has helped the overall environment of the classroom. It keeps me calm when I feel rushed or stressed and makes me recognize my own emotions. I think the students feel better when they have a chance to take a breath and relax their mind.

Detroit, MI

I teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To watch my students execute Calm Classroom is absolutely AMAZING! It REALLY helps them  regulate their frustrations and anxieties.

Jacksonville, FL

Calm Classroom has changed the whole dynamic of my classroom. My children are able to self-regulate their emotions more easily.

Mindfulness Offers Other Benefits, Too!

Improved attention 1

Better performance and

concentration span 2

Improved emotion regulation 3

Mindfulness Offers Other Benefits

Better ability to engage in tasks 5

More likely to help

someone in need 6

Greater self-compassion 7

and view research studies

Transform Mental Health in Your Classroom, School, or District With a Free Calm Classroom Trial

At Calm Classroom, we believe that mental health is a priority. We empower educators to create a culture of safety, caring and calm by providing high-quality mindfulness training, school-wide programming and ongoing support. Try out our scripts for FREE, today!

Types of Calm Classroom Training

Calm Classroom E-Learning Course

Calm Classroom E-Learning Course

Learn to integrate mindfulness into your classroom or virtual learning space with the Calm Classroom E-Learning Course.

This engaging 2-hour course develops an understanding of mindfulness through practice and reflection, along with an exploration of how teaching mindfulness in the classroom can increase well-being and offset the negative effects of chronic stress and trauma.

Direct Service

Cultivate a school-wide culture of mindfulness with teacher-centered professional development for your school staff.

Let our experienced trainers guide your staff in ongoing professional development via self-directed e-learning and interactive virtual workshops. Teachers will enhance their mindfulness and self-care skills for increased mental health and well-being in the classroom and beyond.

We offer direct service on a school-wide level or via centralized district workshops.

Direct Service


Train school staff members to become Calm Classroom Facilitators! Our train-the-trainer model empowers school or district-based staff to train their school community to use Calm Classroom mindfulness techniques. We currently offer this learning model via interactive virtual workshops.